LiveWIRE Business Network is a LiveWIRE Business Community comprising LiveWIRE Graduates and supporters of LiveWIRE Business Activities.

  • Promote interaction of previous and current participants
  • Promote business activities among each other to provide a clientele list to support those existing participants who are already in business
  • Build a community of people who share similar interest and enable sharing of skill and experiences
  • Provide a base for other related business organizations to interact within the network to help create more business opportunities

Benefits of Membership for participants

  • Enjoy discounts on products or services offered by other LiveWIRE participants who currently have active business establishments
  • Enjoy discounts from other non-LiveWIRE business establishments who are supporting the LiveWIRE Business Network
  • Enjoy regular updates, news, activities, business dialogue, special offers and exclusive invitation on LiveWIRE Special events and activities
  • Exclusive access to business counseling sessions with LiveWIRE Brunei Staff
  • Special Access to LiveWIRE private chat room, where members get to participate in further discussion on starting up business and tips on new business ideas and business opportunities.