Business Plan Series is a 4 half-day workshop spread over several weeks. The workshop is conducted with Group Discussions and Presentation, where by the groups will have a working draft of a business plan for their business ideas.

Typical Business topics covered are:

  • Session 1
    • What is a Business Plan
    • Choosing a Business Idea
    • Executive Summary
    • Business profile and Start-up cost
  • Session 2
    • Products and Services
    • Market Research (Customer, Competitors, Market Forces and SWOT)
    • Market Strategy (4 P’s) and Marketing Costs
  • Session 3
    • Organization plan / Human Resources
    • Operations Plan and Operating Costs
    • Financial Management (Profit & Loss)
  • Session 4
    • Financial Management (Cash Flow)
    • Presenting a Business Plan


Registration Cost is are $5 per session for a total of $20.